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Benefits of Thuthuvalai

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  • Date : 2017-04-22
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Dhudhuvalai Greens health benefits:


This is thuthuvalai medicinal benefits thoothuvalai keerai herbal value uses for common diseases. Solanum Trilobatum is also known as Thoodhuvalai in Tamil. thoothuvalai health benefits are more in ayurveda. This medicinal herb leaves and flower (poo) is commonly used for treating cold, cough and acute asthma. From the ancient period this thoothuvalai keerai herb is used by roasting in oil or pure ghee and making a powder or it. In some therapies the leaves of the plant are dried and ground into powder. Most common recipes prepared using this Tamil mooligai plant are thuthuvalai candy, dosai, chutney, leaf juice, rasam, thuvaiyal,  soup etc. Ladies can take this herbal plant recipes weekly once during pregnancy. Here are some of the medicinal uses of this herb


Thuthuvalai for cold and cough: The herb is considered as the best remedy for treating babies and adult cough and cold. It works effectively on throat irritation and itching. The consumption of the thuthuvalai kashayam or legiyam reduces the congestion of nose and chest. The people who are suffering from chronic cough and cold can take advantage of the thuthuvalai powder. Mix thuthuvalai podi of dry leaves of this plant in milk and consume it daily to get rid of cough and cold.


Thuthuvalai for Asthma and other respiratory problems: This medicinal plant is very effective in treatment of Asthma. Ayurvedic therapists use the extracts of the herb to cure asthma. Consuming the juice of the plant along with honey is one of the best treatments for many types of respiratory problems like carcinoma, dyspnoea and anorexia.


Strength and energy: The herb is considered as the very good medicine for getting strength and energy in the body. The natural steroids present in the herb give strength and stamina to the human being. The tonic made with the extracts of this herb helps to maintain very good health.


Thuthuvalai for sinus:  In ayurveda this herb is popularly used for treating sinus,  lung diseases and even for the treatment of tuberculosis.


Thuthuvalai leaves for cold: You can take the steam of thuthuvalai leaves for cold and chest congestion by putting the leaves in boiling water. For the treatment of flu and other types of viral fever Solanum trilobatum is a useful remedy.


 The Solanum trilobatum is very useful for increasing the production of blood in the body and it also increases the blood circulation effectively.

We have Thuthuvalai Greens Rice Powder.


Directions for use Dhudhuvalai Greens rice powder:


Just add some ghee or any edible oil with white rice add Home Foods Dhudhuvalai greens rice powder mix well and serve hot.

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