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health benefit of kasani

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  • Date : 2017-06-16
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Whole Kasni herb has liver tonic action and tone up the liver. It produce moderate temperament in liver and improve function of liver. It is effective against jaundice, hepatitis, liver congestion, enlargement of liver and other liver and spleen disorders.

  1. It stimulate and protects liver.
  2. It is increase flow of bile.
  3. It cleanses kidney-bladder and removes toxins from body.
  4. The roots reduce inflammation, remove the obstruction in form of thick or sticky secretion or any other form.
  5. It stimulates urine production.
  6. It contains up to 40% inulin, and has a negligible impact on blood sugar and thus is suitable for diabetes.
  7. It is cooling in action and reduces heat and high temperature.
  8. It is gentle laxative and gives relief in constipation.
  9. It has arteriosclerosis, antiarthritis, antispasmodic, digestive and depurative properties.
  10. The seeds increase activity of kidney either by irritation or by increase filtration. Seeds are Deobstruent.
  11. The leaf juice gives relief in fever, detoxifies blood.

In Home Foods We have two verities in kasani powder

1. Pure Kasani Powder it can be mixed with water or honey or butter milk it has high medicinal value.

2. Kasani Rice Powder. Mix this powder in white rice add some ghee or any edible oil mix well and serve hot.

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