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Privacy Policy

Salem Home Foods respects its patrons’ right to privacy and only stores such information as is requisite to process and complete your order. Credit/Debit card or a patron’s online bank information is not stored. Salem Home Foods reserves the right to update privacy policies at its own discretion and patrons shall receive regular intimation of such updates, if any.

How secure are the online transactions

Salem Home Foods is not privy to any sensitive financial data of its patrons. The data input by its customers are on a verified secure payment gateway. We only store information uploaded by you during registration or interactions and comments posted by members on the website.

What data is stored

We may store the following information of our patrons:
  1. Name of the customer.
  2. Contact information and email address.
  3. Interactions and comments posted by members on the website.

What is the purpose of storing such Data

We may use this data for the following purposes:
  1.  Give regular updates to patrons about offers and promotions.
  2.  To have online surveys for feedback to improve our products.
  3.  Reference database for smooth operation.

Traffic Log Cookies

A cookie is information stored in a text file on a user’s hard drive by the web server. This information is later used by the web browser to retrieve information from that machine. Generally cookie contains personalized user data or information that is used to communicate between different web pages for a better personalized surfing experience. We may use cookies only for the following purposes:

1) To implement shopping cart

Cookies are used for maintaining online ordering system. Cookies remember what a user wants to buy. A user can add products to his shopping cart and even if he logs out without completing the purchase, a cookie enables us to retain the shopped items in his cart when he logs in again for completion of purchase.

2) Personalize Site

When users visit certain pages they are asked which pages they don’t want to visit or be displayed. The users’ options get stored in a cookie and till the users are online, those pages are not shown to them.

3) User tracking

To track the number of unique visitors online at a particular time.

Links to Affiliate Websites

Our website may contain links to other websites which may be our affiliates or program partners. If a customer uses these links to exit our website, Salem Home Foods would no longer be responsible for the safekeeping, security and/or privacy of any information he/she provides to such sites as they are not governed by our privacy policies. Patrons are requested to exercise caution and peruse the privacy policy applicable to the sites in question.