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About Us

HOME FOODS is a 35 years old company, aptly founded in the land of South India Delicious-Salem-Tamil Nadu.

HOME FOODS Company received Gem of India award for No.1 Quality Products Manufacturer in South India. The Gem of India award was received by Mr. P. Krishnna Kumar MD of HOME FOODS From Union Minister Mr. Ashok Pradan in New Delhi on 29th Jan 2004.

Founder: Mr. P. Krishnna Kumar has more than 50 years of experience in food products. HOME FOODS, has introduced various new concepts in realm of Indian Traditional veg foods.


The salient features of HOME FOODS products are:

No artificial preservatives have been added. Long shelf-life is ensured using ancient techniques, from when chemicals and refrigeration were unheard of, and ingredients were available erratically at only selected times of the year from wandering traders. Most HOME FOODS products have a long shelf-life.


HOME FOODS instant foods also last for as long, but may be, more under ideal conditions.

HOME FOODS packaging uses no toxic materials. The packages are simple, yet secure. No glues, gas stays in contact with HOME FOODS food products.

HOME FOODS, after extensive testing on almost every kind of the food products in home conditions, highly recommends the use of Tupper ware containers for storage.

Many products have nutrition-rich vegetable ingredients added, which are not usually added in home, but which greatly enhance the taste, at the same time assisting in preserving the goodness of the main products and supplementing healthier eating,. This makes the HOME FOODS products more wholesome.

Research is a continuous process at HOME FOODS. Traditional Indian ladies have, over the decades, successfully devised very easy, yet effective methods for giving their families the best. An encyclopedic conglomeration of this practical, time-tested know-how goes into every HOME FOODS food product. Which is why, HOME FOODS avers that the one essential ingredient in their products is CARE. Because, who knows how to care for her family better than a lady.

The idea is essentially to preserve as much of the goodness of the ingredients as possible and with that end in mind, keep the closest watch on every aspect of what goes into the final product. HOME FOODS knows that what they put into packets, loved ones will put into their mouths. And that makes all the difference.

Every HOME FOODS product is virtually home-cooked, under the direct supervision of traditionally educated women chefs, ensuring consistent quality. The ladies hand-pick only the best ingredients from all over the country and synergize all their expertise into giving HOME FOODS perfectly enriched, pure and healthy food products. They understand that all families treasure good health and goodness in what they eat.

The concept of ready-to-eat instant food is simple. Food that is easy and quick to make, keeping its goodness intact, and tasty to eat- without compromising on the love that is in your heart. Whether serving family or guests in a jiffy, for the modern man and woman on the move, kids” hurriedly want to grab something or a leisurely  meal while savoring the taste of togetherness- HOME FOODS always rises to the occasion.

Many Indian foods require large doses of oils or spices. That often spells trouble.

HOME FOODS products aim to strike that delicate balance between good health and good taste. Harmful spices are sometimes substituted with alternative natural ingredients to shave off the known upsets caused so far by the addition of those innocuous, but irritating substances, as in some Ready made Mixtures.

HOME FOODS continually is geared to adding novel items to its Cooking menu. It has large range of Rice Powders, Greens Rice Powders, Chitra Annam Powders, Ready Juice mix Powders, Milk mix Powders, Ready Kuzhambu Powders, Non-veg masala Powders, Veg masala Powders, Ready mix Powders, Dried Vegetables (Vathal), Rice Vadam, Sago Vadam,(Waffers), Pickles, Appalam, and many other products.

HOME FOODS doesn’t stops with Food items it also has Special Wicks varieties, Dasangam, Thirtham Powder and many more products for Pooja.

The taste and quality of  HOME FOODS unique are made from only original ingredients. HOME FOODS Powder has all the richness of Natural spices with balanced medicinal values. HOME FOODS greens powders (Herbal Powders) each one have their own medicinal values and very good for health for example one is good for Diabetic, one is good for good Remembrance, one is good for Cough and Cold.

At HOME FOODS we have strict quality control measures to ensure International standards. Each and every lot of products is personally tested and tasted. All products go for packing after her approval only. An uncompromising attitude in quality control is the secret of our success. All HOME FOODS products undergo strict quality test at its modern mechanised plant. Packing is done under hygienic conditions. All these measures give you of highest quality.

Yet, every time, HOME FOODS will do this with a difference.